Our own state-of-art data center, which is designed exclusively for the operation of miners and AI server, was put into operation at March 2022. We can operate both ASIC miners, GPU miners and AI server from customers on our sites. Our mining facilities covers an area of approx. 2000m². We currently have space for 20 mining containers with 180 ASIC miners each. So we have a capacity of 3600 mining machines for now. However, we can increase our capacity at any time to a maximum of 20 megawatts.

When AVATRON Mining setting up the data center, we paid particular attention to building on certain standards from the IT industry and thus being able to take the best from the different industries into the new industry of ASIC miner and AI server hosting. Each miner has a separate power and network supply and the power is also used from different, separate building connections. In addition, our data center has complete digital monitoring of temperature and humidity.

Mission and Values of AVATRON Mining


We are a crypto mining company on a mission to support the decentralized growth of hashrate and strengthen network security by helping more people, learn, explore and mine cryptocurrensies.

With a team focused on delivering scalable and fast-deployable solutions, we aim to help companies and individuals achieve maximum ROI for crypto mining. The strategic infrastructure we have developed helps our customers take advantage of one of the most exciting opportunities available in today's market.

Led by a skilled management team with deep experience in technology, finance, and cryptocurrencies, we stand out from the crowd by offering our clients transparent and fair pricing, integrity in everything we do, and operational excellence.


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