• What is AVATRON Mining?

    AVATRON Mining is a crypto mining platform that is dedicated to making cryptocurrency mining accessible to everyone. We offer one-stop mining services for both new and experienced customers.

  • What is Black Diamond Group JSC?

    Black Diamond Group JSC was founded in 2020 in Tbilisi, Georgia and is the company that owns the "AVATRON" brand, builds and manages AVATRON Mining data centers in Georgia and manages all other products under the " AVATRON" brand. AVATRON Mining always keeps its mining data centers up to date with the most modern and profitable mining hardware. This allows our clients to mine cryptocurrencies with the highest possible profit.

  • Are AVATRON Mining Facilities Secured?

    Yes. All of AVATRON Mining facilities are legit and secured, where tons of thousands of miners are operated under strict supervision. The power operation is stable, the facility has good ventilation effects, and leaves a wide equipment handling aisle and operation space. What’s more, all miners in our facilities are insured against theft and natural disasters.

  • Where are AVATRON Mining Facilities located at?

    AVATRON Mining facilities are located in Georgia. AVATRON Mining is always looking for other profitable locations (see Our Facilities page for more information).
With these strategic locations we can provide:

    - Low-cost access to energy
    - 100% green energy
    - Natural cooling
    - Political stability
    - Strong legal security
    - Well educated IT staff
    - Plenty of land available for expansion

  • Is AVATRON Mining a legit company? Can i trust AVATRON Mining?

    We have been in the crypto mining business since 2017. With our unremitting efforts, strong professionalism, and great sincerity, we have gained a great deal of trust and support from customers from home and abroad.

  • How can i contact your Support?

    You can contact our support through clicking the Contact link. We offer support through Contact Form, Email and Live Chat.


  • What is Miner Hosting? How does it work?

    Miner Hosting is a service that is provided by the hosting companies to colocate and maintain the miners for the customers. Customers get all the profit from mining remotely while hosting companies provide electricity and all the necessities for mining operations. Therefore, customers pay for the electricity fee and hosting service fee monthly to the hosting company.

    AVATRON Mining owns different mining facilities located in areas that have mild climates which is beneficial to miners and the mining operation. We provide stable green energy electricity and professional tech teams to maximize the online time of the miners. With reasonable prices, AVATRON Mining is delicate to bring the best hosting experience to customers.

  • What are the benefits of hosting my Miners with AVATRON Mining?

    LOW COST: Our Electricity price starts at $0.055/kWh and our Maintenance Fee at $20 per Miner(Maintenance, ethernet, labor, security, insurance and VPN are all included).

    TURNKEY HOSTING: Our professional tech team works 24/7 including holidays, taking care of ongoing monitoring, troubleshooting, maintenance, software updates, and anything else required for an efficient miner.

    PROFITABLE: 100% of the Bitcoin mined (or all other cryptocurrencies) go to customers’ wallets directly. AVATRON Mining does not take any of them! Even no deposit is needed at all!

    FLEXIBLE: We offer customized packages for both newcomers and large-scale investors based on their needs of miner model, quantity, and contract duration. Our minimum order starts at 1 unit.

    CONVENIENT: There is no setup complication, and customers can check the real-time status of miners every time.

    RELIABLE: We guarantee stable Internet connection and professional operation of miners to guarantee 100% uptime.

  • What are included in the Hosting Fee?

    Our all-in-one hosting fee covers all necessities for optimal mining, including miner Installation, network switches, segregated VLANs, power distribution units, network cables, redundant internet, maintenance, VPN remote access, smart hands, RMA assistance, power supply replacement, dashboard access, CCTV Monitoring, cooling systems, on-site technicians, and security.

  • Do i own the miners i paid for?

    As you purchase the miners via ourselves, they are legally yours. Customers will have 100% ownership of the miners, which means you receive 100% of the mining proceeds directly into your wallet.  After the hosting contract ends, they can decide whether to renew the hosting contract or ship your miners to a different location of their choice.

  • Do I have to pay the shipping costs, VAT and duty?

    The shipping costs as well as VAT and customs duties are included in the price. If the customer does not want us to host the miner, the shipping costs, VAT and customs duties will be charged separately.

  • Do i need to prepay the Hosting Fee?

    Yes. Customers need to prepay their hosting fee. You can choose between monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually payment.

  • How can i monitor my Miners?

    We will provide you with a personal webpage so that you can view your miner’s hash rates, daily reward, and total assets in real-time.

    In addition, our custom software monitors all miners permanently and can reboot them automatically which solves the vast majority of incidences. Additionally, if hands-on actions are needed our on-site support team takes care of it.

  • If i send my own Miner to host in a AVATRON Mining Facility, is there any minimum requirement?

    Miners purchased from other suppliers or your own have a minimum requirement of 1 unit.

  • Can i inspect the facilities before placing an order?

    Yes. To inspect the facilities, please contact us by email: [email protected] and we will arrange an airport pick-up and staff if needed. However, minimum order for 1 unit has to be promised and a hosting contract has to be signed before the inspection.

  • What happens if my Miners break down?

    If customers’ miners break down, our tech teams will try to repair without any cost to make sure the miners can be back to normal conditions. However, if the miners are still unstable/broken/low hash rates, our tech teams will notify customers with quotations to ask whether to proceed with repair through a manufacturing official repair center and provide the related invoice if required.


  • How to choose the best Mining Hardware?

    Before choosing mining hardware that is best suited for oneself, a customer needs to look out for a few basic things as follows:

    HASH RATE: The hash rate refers to the amount of power a miner uses to solve the mathematical algorithm that mines the cryptocurrency. The higher the hash rate, the greater the chance of winning a block reward.

    POWER CONSUMPTION: The power consumption informs the user of how much electricity the mining hardware will utilize when operating. Power consumption is measured in Watts. To avoid using up huge amounts of electricity, you’ll need to find hardware with low power consumption.

    ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Energy efficiency is measured in Joules (J). Likewise with power consumption, the lower the amount of energy the miner uses, the better. For instance, if the number of Joules is low, it tends to suggest that the miner will consume less power and still put out the same amount of work.

    OTHER FACTORS: price, brand liability, breakeven duration, reselling price, and so on.

  • Would there be any refund?

    We only offer a full refund if the miner is out of stock. However, upon request in some cases, AVATRON Mining will offer refund option to customers.

  • What is included in the Miner Price?

    For miners purchased from our site and hosted with us, the miner price includes sourcing (including delivery costs, VAT and customs), quality inspection, power supply, cables, racks, software installation and testing. For miners purchased from AVATRON Mining but hosted elsewhere, the miner price includes sourcing (excluding Delivery costs, VAT and customs), quality inspection, power supply, and testing.
Due to market fluctuations, product prices may be adjusted after your purchase. AVATRON Mining does not assume any obligation of prior notice or compensation for any adjustments in price.

  • What is the minimum quantity of purchase?

    AVATRON Mining does not set any limit on the number of purchases. But there will be a special deal for bulk purchase. Please contact us via [email protected] before placing an order for more than 50 units.

  • What will the future batch Miner be shipped out?

    Future batch miners shipping dates are roughly the months stated on the product descriptions. We do not guarantee exact shipping dates as manufacturers (Bitmain, Innosilicon, WhatsMiner, Avalon, etc) do not provide exact shipping dates.

  • Why does your Miner Price change?

    Miners demand fluctuates according to the cryptocurrency price, and supply of miners is limited as manufacturers release the batches with limited quantities. As cryptocurrency prices appreciate, miners prices tend to rise as well. As cryptocurrency prices depreciate, miners prices tend to fall as well.

  • How can i get a discounted price?

    AVATRON Mining provides a bulk purchase discount for more than 50 units excluding the miners that are on sale.

  • Do you accept down payments for future Batch Miners?

    We do not accept any down payment, which is the same as buying directly from manufacturers.

  • My preferred Miner Model is not listet on your Shop Page.

    If your preferred miner model is not available on our Shop page or Hosting page, please contact our sales team [email protected]. We may not have all available miners listed on our website.


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